Is Alcohol Dangerous For Sexual Life?



The question that has been bugging your mind since you heard about Alcohol’s Side Effects on Sex Life is “Is alcohol dangerous for sexual life?”. Well, there is no absolute answer to this but you must understand that Alcohol is highly toxic and the combination with sexual intercourse can cause some serious problems. According to reports, there are many Alcohol side effects for a sex life which include:

Depression. Men who consume alcohol often feel depressed. Depression can affect a person’s sexual health and performance. This is the reason why most doctors suggest their patients limit their alcohol consumption while having sexual activity. Menopause. Women suffering from menopause may face difficulties in controlling their moods due to hormonal changes.

Damaged nerves. If you are a victim of Sexual harassment at work then it is very likely that you might face the hazards of alcohol side effects for sex. If you are having sex with a person who has impaired memory then you are prone to have brain damage which may result in reduced sexual desire. It is advisable to take your sexual partner home after the sexual session to avoid any ill effects on your body.


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