First Wedding Night sex tips Recommend By Pornstars

  • Don’t fake orgasms:- do not fake orgasms just to make your partner happy, starting your married sex life should be on truth thus hire a pornstar says if you do not get any orgasm, accept it and try to change routine rather than faking it.
  • Masturbate in front of each other:- masturbation in front of each other can have several positive effects on your self-confidence and feel confident around each other.
  • Try tantric sex:- pornstars las vegas recommend trying tantric sex on your first night, as it helps you in getting connected very deeply and slow sex is good for the first night.
  • Make good oral sex:- if you feel discomfort in having penetrative sex, then escorts recommend to do oral sex instead. Oral sex gives you both satisfaction and you can satisfy your wife using your hands and mouth and giving her orgasms.
  • Make your partner feel sexy:- good arousal is very important for comfortable sex thus las vegas pse escort recommend that you shouldmake your partner feel good and sexy to get aroused easily.
  • Use foreplay and flirt with each other:- foreplay and flirting are two better ways to open up and getting aroused for sex on your first night. Escorts recommend that before sex if you flirt or use foreplay and include sex games than your first night will be the most beautiful and happiest night in both of your life.


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