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7 Common Relationship Mistakes

Friendship, love, intimacy, mutual support, and passion are some of the major relationship benefits that make a person lead a happier life. Good relationships make life better. They make people feel strong, secure and loved. However, some people are desperate for relationships. This leads them into making relationship mistakes that cost them later in life.

Here are common relationship mistakes that you should watch out for:

1.     Being Desperate for Hook Ups

This is a universal and classic relationship mistake. The biological clock is ticking and a time bomb that is full of estrogen is likely to explode at any time. This sets in a panic that makes anybody with an interest, clean fingernails, and a pulse an ideal bet. The desire for a relationship is different from the desire to be in a relationship with the right person. Being desperate for a relationship is a serious mistake to avoid when entering a relationship.

2.     Going for the Wrong Person Repeatedly

It’s easy to enter a relationship with a psycho. However, don’t do it repeatedly. Additionally, don’t stay in a relationship with a psycho for too long. What’s more, don’t enter a relationship with a person that has dysfunctional features that are similar to those of a psycho that you were in a relationship with.

3.     Wanting Many Things Too Soon

Some people ask for many things too soon when they get into a relationship. This is compelled by the desire to have their spouse commit. Unfortunately, this can scare a spouse away. What’s more, talking about you and your partner as one prematurely can put excessive pressure on your partner. It’s important that you take time to know your partner and their plans, and wishes before you make your desires, wishes, and needs to be known to them.

4.     Game Playing

Some people take their relationship as a competition. They treat everything in a relationship like a tussle. They see every chance as an opportunity to score and be ahead of their partner. They manipulate their partners by making them want them more, acting standoffish, making them more jealous, and even ignoring them. Unfortunately, any relationship that starts on a game-playing note doesn’t end with long-term winners.

5.     Expecting Perfection

Expecting a partner in a relationship to be perfect is a serious relationship mistake. Unfortunately, many partners in a relationship make this mistake. They get mad when their partners show behavior that doesn’t match their imagination. To avoid trouble in your relationship, don’t expect your partner to be perfect.

6.     Acting Insecure

It’s normal to feel insecure in some relationships. However, don’t act too insecure at the beginning of your relationship. For instance, don’t check where your partner is and what they are up to. Don’t show them that you feel insecure. If you truly love someone, you will think about them most of the time. However, let them live their life even though you love them.

7.     Trying to Change a Partner

Your partner in a relationship is not your new project. It’s not something that you have to improve. Trying to change your partner is disrespectful. It will make your partner feel like you don’t appreciate or like them the way they are. This will cause trouble in a relationship.

Knowing these relationship mistakes will help you understand your spouse and how to treat them to ensure a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

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