software developer resume

How to Write a Killer Software Engineering Resume?

The best software engineering resume is not the only one with excellent technical skills. The hiring manager also has a time crunch. He or she has to schedule interviews and oversee multiple projects for the company. As such, hiring managers spend only six seconds per resume. That is a very short time for them to scan. So, how do you impress the hiring manager with your resume? Below are some tips to make it stand out from the rest.

executive resume template

How to Build an Executive Resume?

You probably have a laundry list of achievements if you’re a senior-level professional. However, you don’t necessarily need to detail every single one. For example, Jake’s executive resume highlights specific results and impact. In this section, “Selected Achievements,” you highlight your best achievements so potential employers can quickly scan your resume. While this section isn’t required, it shows what you’re most proud of.


Are Eggs Good For Weight Loss?

Studies have shown that eating a meal that includes an egg significantly reduced hunger and decreased calorie intake over the course of the next 24 hours. Even though the two meals contained similar amounts of calories, the eggs reduced hunger and lowered the body’s levels of the hunger-inducing hormone ghrelin. These effects were most apparent when the participants ate two large eggs for breakfast. So, is eating an egg for breakfast really beneficial for losing weight?